Challenge PLANETech 2022

The project is developed jointly with PLANETech, the Climate Technology Innovation Cluster (Climtech) of the Israel Institute of Innovation, and the United Nations Mountain Partnership, an alliance of governments and organizations working together to promote more sustainable development in mountain areas.

The project aims to connect local and international innovators to find new solutions to climate change challenges. 



The challenge is to find new solutions to combat extreme weather events in mountain areas, through technological solutions, in order to foresee, manage and reduce the impact of forest fires, floods, storms, extreme temperatures. Extreme weather events are increasingly more frequent and intense due to climate change, and which have serious environmental, economic and social consequences.


The winner will be announced on September 21st during the PLANETech City Day held in Israel. 

The winner will receive financial, logistical and operational resources to carry out a pilot test in Andorra.