Objectives and activities


The objectives of Andorra Research and Innovation are:

1.- Generate knowledge about the physical and human reality of the Principality of Andorra and the current and future challenges affecting both locally and globally.

2.- Make the generated knowledge accessible and tailored to both Andorran society and the international community.

3.- Provide innovative solutions for the sustainable development of Andorran society and its continuous adaptation to social and technological evolution.

4.- Contribute to diversifying the Andorran economy and developing a knowledge-based economy by prospecting and exploring new business opportunities in innovative and technological fields.


The activities that AR+I can carry out to achieve its objectives are:

  • Basic research
  • Applied research
  • Critical thinking
  • Foresight analysis
  • Dissemination, education, and training in specific areas of general interest
  • Knowledge and technology transfer
  • Promotion, facilitation, and acceleration of innovation projects
  • Development and implementation of innovative projects, ideas, products, processes, or services
  • Generation of intellectual and industrial property
  • Scientific, technical, and strategic advice
  • Scientific, technical, and strategic support for public institutions
  • Training and guidance for researchers
  • Monitoring of certification processes in the field of research and innovation

The recipients of these activities are:

  • Public administrations, providing them with knowledge for decision-making and solutions that make them more innovative and efficient in processes, products, operational tools, and user relations.
  • The business community, fostering and facilitating innovation in various economic sectors and the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as attracting investment capital.
  • The citizens and the population of the Principality of Andorra, providing them with a better understanding of their environment.
  • The international scientific community, increasing the available knowledge about global challenges and enriching it with innovations developed in a specific context like Andorra.