The Sustainability area works applied research and innovation into projects related to Andorra´s sustainable development. We provide society´s different actors (companies, administration and citizens) with tools that aid in the policy planning and decision-making process incorporating a systemic focus.

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Work strands

  • Global change

    We evaluate the impact of climate change and global change in terms of environment, economy and society, and we undertake strategies of adaptation.

  • Hydrological resources

    We model water resources in global change scenarios, incorporating extremes such as droughts. We define the demand from the different drainage basins in Andorra, evaluate possible future tensions linked to the resource availability and work to offer adaptation strategies.

  • Energy

    We carry out studies aimed at providing support to energy planning on both a municipal and national scale through energy systems modeling, to promote savings, efficiency and the introduction of renewable energies.

  • Mobility

    We analyze and make models of the country´s mobility dynamics. Our studies are fed by different national sources of data, such as the ones provided by mobile networks or vehicle counters.

  • Air quality

    We evaluate air contamination in Andorra and design strategies to improve air quality through data analysis and models of contamination dispersal.

  • Education for sustainability

    We encourage, through education, critical thinking, human rights, lifestyles that are respectful of the environment, gender equality, a peaceful culture, diversity and the appreciation for natural and cultural heritage.

  • Forest resources

    We assess forest dynamics, ecosystem functions and promote the circular economy. We develop indicators to quantify the ecosystem services of the forest. Based on the national inventory, we analyse long-term changes in the structure and composition of the forest ecosystem. We support regional forest planning and national forest policy.