Andorran Social Care Observatory

Commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare, Family and Housing (after the participatory process of the PNAS), the CRES was commissioned in 2008 to set up an observatory that included all aspects related to social care. This observatory has been divided into different sections:

- Demographic indicators
- Childhood
- Family
- Genre
- Disabilities
- Seniors
- Immigration
- Precariousness and vulnerability
- Youth

The work consisted of the creation, approval and updating of all kinds of indicators that help to compare the Andorran reality with the rest of the surrounding countries, as well as to publish reports that relate the most significant indicators with the aim of giving a clear image of the Andorran social scene.

The work that is done, the collection of figures, the articles and news that appear in the press related to the studied subject, the evolution of the data and the information that can be of interest are gathered in the web http: // www .social Also, within the framework of the Social Observatory and Equality, the axis of the Andorran Society for Research + Innovation is working on the creation of databases that allow a careful analysis of the information by the Department of Welfare.