Andorra at Expo2020 Dubai
© Héctor Mas

The Principality of Andorra is present at the Expo 2020 hosted in Dubai (UAE) from October 1st 2021 to the 31st of March 2022. Aligned with the Expo's theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", Andorra is offering a set of experiences and events aimed to discover our small mountain country and its potentials.

The Andorra pavilion, located in the Sustainability District, has been designed to offer a taste of its mountain habitat with a mix of wood and stone materials harmonized with innovative AV content. Andorra Research+Innovation has been in charge of the definition and the generating of content for the following areas of the pavilion:

  • Mapping corner: preparation of the script and generation of a set of images and videos with different concepts that are projected at the entrance of the pavilion.
  • 3D Model: physical conditioning of a giant model of Andorra to make projections, definition of the initial script and preparation of contents for the mapping covering 4 different blocks: geographical context, historical and cultural context, sustainability and economy and business.
  • Infographics: preparation of data and infographic presentations on research and innovation projects. Adaptation of the infographics prepared by Andorra Business.
  • VR Glasses: preparation of 4 different virtual experiences.
  • Half-Dome video: preparation of audio equipment to complement the immersive video experience carried out by Andorra Tourism.
  • Instagram contest: preparation of the graphics and entry forms based on Andorra Turisme's references.

At the same time, Andorra Research+Innovation has participated in all the logistics management, assembly and disassembly, and on-site operation for the first 4 months of the event.